We are on the path to victory!  But it will be close.  Very close.  We need to have the resources available to get our word out.  Please send a donation to  help us get our "word" out and give us the push we need to win this race!  We need you!!!

Get Involved

Tip O'Neill is credited with explaining that "all politics is local".

A successful political campaign depends on volunteers.

Volunteering on a  campaign is a great way to get involved. Responsibilities vary widely depending on your own skill set and level of commitment. Potential tasks include attending rallies, calling registered voters for their support, going door to door, stuffing envelopes, sign waving, meeting new friends and forming lasting relationships.

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Joyce Kaufman is South Floridas most influential talk show host: Joyce KaufmanShow on 850 WFTL, Florida congressional candidate Paul Spain in studio:

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